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As I write this, it's World Mental Health Day 2020. Each year has a theme, and this time it's a call to increase investment in mental health.

All of us have had to make personal investments in our mental health to cope with the stress of 2020 and everything that has come with it. More people are instinctively reaching for nature-based experiences to occupy or comfort themselves, and I love to see that. It fills me with hope and joy, because I know from personal experience that it's one of the most powerful, simple and accessible tools we have. How cool would it be if everyone had a healing garden at home or at work?

Trouble is, most gardening content and garden center experiences haven't been created with stress relief goals in mind. It's overwhelming for newbies or people whose main goal is to feel better.

To that end, this blog is not just about how to grow things, but how to make gardening a great experience.

This blog is for people in urban and suburban spaces who want to grow an amazing rainbow of flowers and produce while practicing gardening as self-care.

Happy gardening,